the  2023  connect  community  award  winners

belinda  wilhelmson

chuck   strode  leadership  award  winner

“Belinda is a grounded leader who makes herself available and present for her entire team. She is never more than a phone call away and keeps relationships with each person she touches that are not forgotten.”

chrisann  orlando-lowder

onsite  manager  award  winner

“Chrisann has a huge involvements in the community. She sits on many of the committee as a HOA Liaison, runs Board Meetings, is the communities notary. Chrisann knows every homeowner personally and continues to helps those that have questions or concerns. She guides the committees through the proper process and always has a warm friendly smile to greet everyone.”

cindy   sederopoulos

portfolio  manager  award

“Cindy has consistently demonstrated phenomenal leadership skills without compromising her integrity, communication, coaching, empathy, accountability, humility, positivity and love. This is why her board loves her. Although she has taken a hard hit with some members/boards in the last year; her willingness behave ethnically makes her shine like a rock star. She also inspires trust and that is why so many rely on her input.”

kaley marie  celentano

newbie  award  winner

“Kaley works very hard for her communities every day. You can tell she truly loves her work and loves ensuring that her communities are managed properly. Her positive attitude even when faced with difficult tasks really makes her different with many of the managers I work with. She is a single mom of three and handles more work than many managers and in such a successful way.”

first service   residential

most community  minded  management co. award

"FirstService has a very active Engagement Committee that participates in community outreach projects with local charities around the city. Our social pillars are focused around events and charities that support Black History Month, Women's History, Mental Health Awareness, LGBTQ+ Pride, Hispanic Heritage and Veteran Support."

eastbrook  construction

most industry  minded  advisor award

"Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction and is always willing to listen and answer questions from managers dealing with defects or a needed renovation project. Chris always makes himself available in times of crisis, including after storm events here in Central Florida. When managers get stressed and boards get angry, Chris has a way of defusing situations and helping the Association through the crisis. While his business is growing, Chris and Shannon have a great team working under him and they are always available to offer that personal touch."